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4 Steps to Increase Parts Sales and Profits:

  • Create great consumer-facing explainer videos
  • Give the videos a home (page)
  • Invite people to view them
  • Give shops access to help educate customers

Engage Them as They Research

Most consumers research major vehicle parts and service issues. The power has shifted to the consumer.Download our free whitepaper the explains how you can take advantage of this shift.

Show People Why They Should Request Your Parts…

Professionally produced, affordable, custom videos that illustrate the importance of using quality parts

Example Explainer Video:

Library of Compelling 3D Animations:

Example Explainer Video:

Library of Compelling 3D Animations:

We Deliver Engaged Audiences...

Reach the Right Consumers

We find consumers in-market and likely to care about parts and service.

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Get Your Content to Shops

AutoNetTV distributes content to their network of over 7,500 shops.

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ShopReach 360 gives you access to
over 150,000 shops and 237,000
repair professionals.

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The Evolution of Parts Marketing

The Manufacturers' Marketing Challenge


Increasingly search for trustworthy auto repair and maintenance solutions, with video being a preferred format. Most parts manufacturers are nowhere to be found.


Want videos and other content to help them sell to consumers. Most parts manufacturers don't create this content.

Our Solution

Engage the trade and consumers. Gain brand preference and trust with EVERYONE in the sales cycle.

  • Use Audience ID to reach consumers in-market and likely to develop parts brand preferences.
  • Distribute consumer-facing content to shops to help them engage and sell to their customers.
  • Provide content to distributors to help Certified Service Centers grow sales.

A Small Number of Conversions
Can Generate Big Incremental Profits:

Find out how a small investment can deliver around $400K in additional revenue.**

*Annually **Assuming $25 per part

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