Success Stories

JOB in a BOX Turbocharger Campaign

BBB Industries, a major auto aftermarket supplier of remanufactured parts, brought its OE TurboPower brand of remanufactured replacement turbochargers to market, prepared to spend co-op to promote it.

Auto-Wares, a large regional parts distributor located in Grand Rapids, MI that serves all of Michigan and parts of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin, took on the OE Turbocharger line partnering with BBB to launch a campaign promoting a complete turbo replacement bundle to repair shops and fleet parts buyers.

MontAd Media was chosen for the campaign because of our ability to precisely target auto repair professionals online. Our unique platform ShopReach360 deploys ads to repair shops at IP level.

The campaign focus was placed on audiences for diesel engines and last-mile fleet vehicles. Prospective buyers were offered an enticing $50 rebate.

Programmatic display ads were delivered to the devices of precise trade audiences wherever they went online, desktop or mobile.


There was a significant increase in sales of turbo chargers, and the campaign was extended 2 additional months based on the results.

2,425,555 hyper-targeted impressions were delivered to these focus trade audiences: 

Shops in Auto-Wares trade areas,

Auto-Wares first-call shops,

Industry professionals in Auto-Wares trade areas who were researching turbo replacement based on vehicle type – Promaster, Sprinter, etc. and engine type – PowerStroke, Cummins, etc.


1,428 Landing Page Visits –

Only $4.30 per Click!

Hear what Cara Mitchell from BBB Industries had to say about this campaign >


Shop Reach Outperforms Other Media

In a 6 month ad campaign using multiple media channels the objective was to drive trade professionals to an eLearning program. ShopReach 360 equaled 39% of media spend and generated 73% of landing page traffic.

Cost per click was 61% less than other media (print and digital ads, PR and email). Cost for customer conversion was 43% less than other media.

Top Tool Manufacturer Shatters Sales Record

One of the largest manufacturers of hand and power tools in the U.S. wanted to target trade professionals to communicate a promotion for a specific line of tools.

The manufacturer retained MontAd Media who utilized its proprietary data mining tools to identify the highest indexing trade targets. MontAd then deployed ShopReach 360 to deliver digital display ads to targeted shops, shop owners, and trade professionals.

The ShopReach 360 campaign delivered a top line ROI of 35x. Sales in ShopReach 360 supported markets eclipsed sales in control markets and previous year sales by more than 50%.


Selling Filters in Farm Country

Business Issue

A major filter manufacturer planned a promotion with a large midwest retailer. They wanted to reach people most likely to replace oil, air, and cabin filters.


When we mapped the store locations, we saw a large number in rural areas. We suggested that for those stores an additional audience should be farm decision makers. We knew from experience that farmers buy a lot of filters. For the rural locations we used our proprietary Farm and Ag platform. This was an additional overlay to our repair shop, technician, and DIY consumer targeting.


The manufacturer reported that the promotion was a huge success. All locations had strong response. The stores that had the additional farm audience had 33% more filter sales than urban and suburban locations.

Huge Increase in Return on Ad Spend


Work closely with major electronics manufacturer’s digital agency to leverage Clickagy data and improve performance of a pre-existing, highly refined digital campaign.


Multiple major DSPs (Demand Site Platforms) were leveraged to compete against the client’s existing best data deployment in an apples-to-apples comparison. This allowed accurate measurement of response to Clickagy data vs. current data sources.


Clickagy drove an 85% lift in engagement, and over a million dollars in incremental monthly revenue, above and beyond their existing campaign performance metrics.


How to Reach Foreign Car Specialists

A multi-national aftermarket manufacturer wanted to reach repair professionals that work on European vehicles. The first challenge was how to identify such shops; the second was how to efficiently reach the key people at those shops.

MontAd Media employed proprietary data mining methods to identify repair shops in the U.S. with the highest index for servicing European vehicles.  We then used ShopReach 360 to deliver digital display ads to the owners, technicians, and service writers at those shops.

ShopReach 360 delivered ads to the targeted trade audiences with far greater precision and greater frequency than other digital media.  The result was 31% greater engagement with the manufacturers brand at a cost per click that was 22% lower.

ShopReach Helps Break Attendance Record

A large auto parts distribution company needed to grow attendance at its annual trade event.  In recent years the annual event had experienced declining attendance due to an increase in competing industry events and training programs.

MontAd Media used its proprietary data mining tools to identify repair shops and other businesses in the 5 states where the company does business. We then deployed ShopReach 360 to deliver digital display ads to the owners, technicians, counter people, fleet managers, and service writers at the highest indexing targeted businesses.

The 2016 trade event broke all previous attendance records. Paid registrations were up 13% over the previous high and trade show attendance was up over 15%.


Cross-Channel Accelerates Conversions

Business issue

A manufacturer of auto products targeted to consumers wanted to increase awareness of a promotion being run with a national retail chain.  Their challenge was finding the exact right consumers who will care about the product and be engaged by the promotion.


Using 1st party deterministic data tied to a persons email address and 3rd party data derived from sources like Axiom and IHS we built a custom ConsumerConnect audience of vehicle owning consumers most likely to be interested in our client’s product.  We then mapped this custom audience to reach those within a 3 mile radius of the participating retail locations.  Ads were deployed using email, digital display, and social media.


Participation in the promotion far exceeded results from previous retail promotions.  On-going optimization of the targeting tactics accelerated consumer conversions.  Sales of the targeted product increased over 40% at targeted retail locations compared with non-participating stores.

Do-It-Yourself Marketing

Business Issue

An auto parts retailer was spending marketing dollars targeting “male consumers”. Only about 14% of adult men actually turn a wrench on their own cars or trucks.  The challenge was how to identify and efficiently reach valuable DIYers who live near one of their stores.


Using advanced analytics and multiple data sources we built a custom ConsumerConnect audience of high-end DIY consumers. We mapped this custom audience around each retail location. A campaign was launched using digital display ads on desktop and mobile to target them wherever they go online.


Ad spend effectiveness has increased by over 80%. Program is generating awareness and building brand equity among the highest value consumers around each retail location.  Consumer preference has grown and most importantly sales on a year-over-year basis have increased at the targeted stores.


Off Road – On Target

Business issue

Client was launching a specialized product specifically made for people who take their vehicle(s) off-road.  The product was initially available in only one retail chain. Client needed to grow awareness of the product and the unique benefits it provides to people who use their vehicles for work or adventure in off-road situations.


We used advanced analytic tools to build a custom ConsumerConnect audience of people who go off road and are most likely to care about the benefits of this particular product.  We then geo-targeted ads to the consumers who lived in the vicinity of the retail locations where the product was sold. ConsumerConnect delivered engaging digital display ads to this custom audience on all their devices, wherever they went online.  Ads directed consumers to a custom microsite that fully explained product features and benefits.


Program generated a significant lift in awareness of the product by delivering multiple impressions to over one hundred thousand off-road enthusiasts who live near the stores. 
The campaign had a measurable impact on product sales and helped successfully launch the product.

A Brake-Through Heavy Duty Campaign

Business Issue

A major manufacturer of heavy duty brakes and brake components wanted a more efficient way to reach the people who actually spec and buy their parts.  Previously available options to reach this audience were expensive and not very efficient.


MontAd Media built a custom heavy duty brakes audience using our Audience ID tool.  The HD Brakes audience was broken down into over 30 segments based on vehicle type and other criteria.  Programmatic ads were then deployed to this audience and optimized for increased response based on segmentation and other data.


Campaign performed way better then digital ads in trade publications and other media.  The MontAd Audience ID solutionperformed over 120% better for all measured metrics, which included cost per click, cost per view through, cost per engagement, and cost per conversion.


Lead Gen Lift with Real-Time Scoring and Predictive Modeling

Tier I auto manufacturer wanted to gain greater value from their website.

Less than 2% of site visitors expressed interest through existing lead gen tools and website data didn’t provide detailed insight to convert visitors to sales leads.

The marketing performance of each site visitor was optimized by implementing real-time predictive modeling and scoring.  All web visitors were qualified, scored, and segmented based on current and past web behaviors.The campaign had a measurable impact on product sales and helped successfully launch the product.

These initiatives generated over 60% lift in leads and ROI increased by 75%

Media Spend Analysis and Media Mix Modeling

This large B to B marketer invests significant budget on marketing efforts in a variety of media and wanted a way to accurately measure effectiveness.

We provided a solution that measured the performance of all online and offline media.  This score card data for each media vehicle provided a greater understanding of the true cost of each. Using this data to guide subsequent media decisions client achieved double digit lift in actions driven per media dollar spent.