EXTEND GROUP Partners with MontAd Media to Enhance Performance of eCommerce Parts Sales


WIXOM MI, Wednesday, October 30, 2019 -  EXTEND GROUP has built a successful business offering a broad range of services to auto care companies.  Those services include website and mobile app development, social media management, content marketing, email marketing and brand development. The company also offers eCommerce services enabling companies to quickly and profitably sell their products on Amazon, eBay, and Wal-Mart.


MontAd Media is a data marketing company serving the auto care industry.   It delivers hyper targeted media solutions driven by advanced data intelligence. The company’s Audience ID platform enables digital display ads to be delivered to consumers in-market for automotive parts and services as well as to niche trade audiences.


“MontAd Media’s Audience ID technology is the perfect fit to help accelerate sales of our clients’ eCommerce product offerings”, said Shawn Collins, Founder and CEO of EXTEND GROUP. “Audience ID gives us the ability to efficiently deliver ads to consumers as they research auto parts. It catches them at a crucial point in their purchase journey and fits well with our content and search engine marketing tactics”.


“Our technology delivers clear benefits to EXTEND GROUP’ clients”, said Al Haberstroh, Chief Strategy Officer and owner of MontAd Media.  “Patented artificial intelligence allows us to understand purchase intent so we’re delivering ads to the most valuable audiences for clients selling parts and services to consumers. It is a perfect fit for EXTEND GROUP and their innovative approach to auto parts eCommerce.”


Audience ID audiences are all customized and aligned to the precise parts marketed or to the business goals of the client. “If a company wants to market performance brakes or European specific brakes we’ll deliver those exact audiences, not a general audience looking for brakes. This makes the ad spend much more efficient”, said Haberstroh.

The two companies will begin working together on several projects immediately and expect to expand their services as the industry continues to embrace eCommerce and changing consumer preferences and expectations.


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