Audience ID

Find Consumers and Repair Pros In-Market for YOUR Parts, Products and Services

Monitors online behavior in real time. Understands purchase intent.
Outperforms search, segments and other digital marketing tactics.

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In Jan. 2021, Audience ID found:


Consumers in-market for Brakes and Brake Service

Other Audiences available for real time marketing now:  Shocks & Struts, Wheel Hub Bearings, Fuel Pumps, Serpentine Belts, Check Engine Light, Detailing Products, Heavy Duty Brakes, Chassis Parts, Wiper Blades

Audience ID finds valuable, in-market audiences using 100% observed deterministic data.

Segmentation Gets Some of the Audience, But Wastes Impressions
Current Data Technologies and Trade Pubs Target Some of the Right People
Audience ID Targets Most
of the Exact Right People

MontAd Media has partnered with Clickagy, a dynamic platform that monitors online behavior in real time. We use advanced data mining tools, A.I. and custom algorithms to build hand-crafted audiences in-market for auto parts, products, and services.

Purchase Intent = Higher Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

  • Access to over 91% of devices connected to the internet
  • Uses A.I. and natural language processing to understand intent
  • Over 50 billion data points analyzed every day

Your message delivered to the exact right audiences, at the exact right time using programmatic digital ads

Consumer exhibits in-market behavior

…Immediately receives your brand or service message

…Has service done – requests your brand

Real-World Example: HD Brakes and Wheel End

Audience ID Delivers Over 250% Increase in Ad Performance

A major manufacturer of heavy duty brakes and wheel end parts wanted a more efficient way to reach buyers. Because the heavy duty audience is fragmented and hard to reach, other targeting options are limited. They are expensive and ads are delivered in an environment cluttered with competitors.

MontAd Solution:
Using Audience ID, over 35 segments of heavy duty brake and wheel end buyers were created. Programmatic ads were deployed to these audiences at very efficient CPMs.  Segments were monitored and continually optimized for performance.

Achieved over 250% lift for every metric measured; cost per click, view through clicks, cost per engagement and cost per conversion.

We’ll Build a Custom Audience For You. No Cost. No Obligation.