Heavy Duty Connect: A proven way to reach precise Fleet Audiences for 1/3 cost of other marketing options.

Fleet buyers are difficult to identify and expensive to reach. They cross many industries, are both public and privately held, and are often municipalities or utilities.

Heavy Duty Connect cuts through all that.

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Our proprietary marketing platform can efficiently find and deliver your message to niche trade audiences

Want to Increase Your Fleet Sales? Here’s How it Works!

  • Our technology finds your audience based on the problems they research, the sites they visit, and the parts they are looking for.
  • Artificial intelligence and relevancy scoring are applied to ensure we are reaching the exact right people for your messages, including geo-targeting for regional marketing programs.

“The campaign by MontAd Media delivered a cost per click for our campaign well below other trade media, a large spike in organic traffic and increased sales. Our salespeople report an increase in brand equity as well.”
Denise St. Clair, Marketing Director SKF

“Recently we partnered with MontAd Media on a digital marketing campaign along with Auto-Wares to launch turbochargers in the automotive aftermarket to help stimulate sales. This campaign was extremely successful and we’d like to thank MontAd Media for their support in activating this campaign.” Cara Mitchell, Associate Director of Marketing BBB Industries

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Why Heavy Duty Connect?

At MontAd Media, we are data-driven. We use data to craft custom solutions to help manufacturers and distributers reach and engage fleet parts buyer.

MontAd Technology is the ONLY source of Application Specific real time audience data

Learn how Heavy Duty Connect delivered a 250% improvement in all measured metrics, including Cost-per-Click, Website Engagement and Increased Organic Traffic

A wheel end parts line manufacturer wanted to increase awareness of their parts line to technicians and parts managers for vehicle category 6 and up fleets.

They also wanted to generate awareness of the brand benefits and encourage technicians to consume their vast training resources.

Heavy Duty Connect Delivers

We created custom audience segments using Heavy Duty Connect and deployed customized digital ads to each group.

The campaign delivered:

  • A cost per click of under $4
  • Tripled the consumption of the client’s web-based training assets
  • Increased organic traffic in a heavy duty brakes campaign directed to their site

“Our campaign with MontAd Media was so successful, we renewed three times!”

Compared to all other media, Heavy Duty Connect delivers the highest ROI

Application Specific Targeting in Real Time

We connect parts suppliers to the elusive niche trade audiences of Fleet, Light and Heavy Duty parts buyers – IN REAL TIME

Show Up Where They Are

We deliver progammatic display ad campaigns to your most valuable prospects wherever they go online.

Connect Marketing to Real Business Outcomes

We find technicians, parts managers and fleet buyers based on the vehicles they service. Understanding purchase intent makes the ad spend more efficient.

When you partner with MontAd Media, you not only receive access to advanced marketing technologies, but also to the insights and expertise of an experienced team that works for your success.