Heavy Duty Connect

More Effective… Less Expensive… Smarter Marketing

Increase Sales to Heavy Duty and Fleet Buyers

Fleet buyers are difficult to identify and expensive to reach. They cross many industries, are both public and privately held, and are often municipalities or utilities. Heavy Duty Connect cuts through all that.

Greater Reach than trade magazines

More Frequency than direct mail

Lower Cost than other options

How is Heavy Duty Connect Better?

  • Advanced data intelligence insures you reach the right people
  • Grows brand equity faster by reaching them wherever they go online
  • Gets your message to people researching the specific parts and service problems YOUR brand solves

About 1/3 the cost of trade publications and other options

  • We’ll build a custom audience specific to your parts or services
  • Reach these potential buyers with digital ads on all devices, wherever they go online
  • Geo-targetable for regional marketing programs


A manufacturer of heavy duty brakes wanted to reach parts decision makers to announce a new product. Identifying and reaching fleet managers and decision makers is difficult and expensive.


We created 35 custom audience segments using Heavy Duty Connect and deployed digital ads to them.


Compared to all other media, the Heavy Duty Connect campaign delivered the most ROI…

250% Improvement

In all measured metrics including
cost-per-click, website engagement,
and increase in organic traffic