Farm & AG Network

Reach valuable farm audiences

MontAd Media Farm & Ag Network

is an exclusive national digital IP database of 644,000 farmers and farm households plus a network of over 1800 local farm-focused radio stations. True omni-channel engagement.

70% of Millennial Farmers Use Mobile

“Farmers are the original geeks. They have always been early adopters of technology.”  – Brian David Johnson, Futurist at Intel

We reach farmers with high frequency digital ads wherever they go online on all the devices they use.

No segments, no assumptions, no wasted impressions, no cookies, just farmers receiving your message.

Farmers Fix Their Own Equipment

The typical farm has a fleet of vehicles including UTVs & ATVs, pick-ups & SUVs, tractors & Ag equipment

Farmers Have Buying Power

Farmers spend over $18,000 a year on supplies and repairs including tractors & machinery.They spend over $9000 a year on trucks and farm vehicles**

Farmers Love Radio

85% of farmers listen to radio for farm news, weather, market and ag reports. Spots available in specialized farm-focused radio programming.

* 2016 Agricultural Media Channel Study, Connectiv, The Business Information Association
** Farm Production Expenditures 2016 Summary (8/1/2017) USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service