Data Analytics

Use data to accelerate actions, inform decisions, enhance results

Understanding how target audiences consume marketing messages helps you answer questions like, “which of my media choices, and which of my creative executions are providing the greatest return?”  We use data to measure and define your customers path to brand preference and purchase. This empowers you to make data driven decisions. Result: Higher ROI from your marketing investments.

Our modelling and analytic solutions identify and improve:

  • Cross-sell, up-sell opportunities
  • Media attribution
  • Customer experience management
  • Acquisition, retention
  • Marketing response measurement
  • New customer acquisition


Lead Gen Lift with Real-Time Scoring and Predictive Modeling

Tier I auto manufacturer wanted to gain greater value from their website.

Less than 2% of site visitors expressed interest through existing lead gen tools and website data didn’t provide detailed insight to convert visitors to sales leads.

The marketing performance of each site visitor was optimized by implementing real-time predictive modeling and scoring.  All web visitors were qualified, scored, and segmented based on current and past web behaviors.

These initiatives generated over 60% lift in leads and ROI increased by 75%

Media Spend Analysis and Media Mix Modeling

This large B to B marketer invests significant budget on marketing efforts in a variety of media and wanted a way to accurately measure effectiveness.

We provided a solution that measured the performance of all online and offline media.  This score card data for each media vehicle provided a greater understanding of the true cost of each. Using this data to guide subsequent media decisions client achieved double digit lift in actions driven per media dollar spent.