The heavy duty market has many audiences

We can reach any or all of them


Leverage the power of data and advanced analytics to target fleet parts buyers and influencers in a completely new way.


Grow brand awareness, build brand equity and product preference among these hard-to-reach audiences.  Deliver digital ads to your most important prospects.

  • Custom audience development allows you to reach the precise people most important to your business
  • Advanced segmentation delivers a high level of targeting precision
  • Reach potential customers on all devices wherever they go online
  • Optimum message frequency assures brand awareness


A manufacturer of heavy duty replacement parts wanted to drive awareness of a new microsite promoting its recent product improvements.  They needed to efficiently reach fleet managers and buyers of parts for class 8 trucks.


Using proprietary audience analytics, MontAd built a custom audience of class 8 fleet managers. The audience was made up of people who had engaged with content relevant to fleet management, class 8 trucks, diesel fuel economy, diesel maintenance & repair, and other relevant topics.


This audience was targeted with digital ads on relevant industry websites and any other sites they visited online.  Ads were delivered to all devices (desktop, tablet and smart phone) with enough frequency to insure lift in awareness of the product benefits.


The result was a successful site launch.  Traffic to the new site exceeded pre-launch targets by 28%.  There was also measurable lift in organic traffic to their main corporate site as well as strong lift in brand awareness among fleet managers and heavy duty parts buyers.

Heavy Duty Fleet Management

The heavy duty market

has many audiences