Reach the niche audiences valuable to your business

Aftermarket companies need to reach narrow audiences. MontAd finds the right audiences for your products and helps drive brand awareness and brand preference.

Close to Zero Ad Waste

Eliminate wasted impressions. Target the exact right audiences for your product or service by:


  • Interest or Passion; performance, classic car, off-road etc.
  • Location; target around retail locations, by state, metro area
  • Vehicle Ownership; make, model, year, etc.
  • Behavioral Attributes; indicating they are likely “in-market”
  • Demographic; age, income, etc.


Reach them across multiple devices, digital channels, social, and email.


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  • Off Road - On Target

    Business issue:

    Client was launching a specialized product specifically made for people who take their vehicle(s) off-road.  The product was initially available in only one retail chain. Client needed to grow awareness of the product and the unique benefits it provides to people who use their vehicles for work or adventure in off-road situations.



    We used advanced analytic tools to build a custom ConsumerConnect audience of people who go off road and are most likely to care about the benefits of this particular product.  We then geo-targeted ads to the consumers who lived in the vicinity of the retail locations where the product was sold. ConsumerConnect delivered engaging digital display ads to this custom audience on all their devices, wherever they went online.  Ads directed consumers to a custom microsite that fully explained product features and benefits.



    Program generated a significant lift in awareness of the product by delivering multiple impressions to over one hundred thousand off-road enthusiasts who live near the stores. 
    The campaign had a measurable impact on product sales and helped successfully launch the product.

  • Do-It-Yourself Marketing

    Business Issue:

    An auto parts retailer was spending marketing dollars targeting “male consumers”.

    Only about 14% of adult men actually turn a wrench on their own cars or trucks.  The challenge was how to identify and efficiently reach valuable DIYers who live near one of their stores.



    Using advanced analytics and multiple data sources we built a custom ConsumerConnect audience of high value DIY consumers. We mapped this custom audience around each retail location. A campaign was launched using digital display ads on desktop and mobile to target them wherever they go online.



    Ad spend effectiveness has increased by over 80%. Program is generating awareness and building brand equity among the highest value consumers around each retail location.  Consumer preference has grown and most importantly sales on a year-over-year basis have increased at the targeted stores.

  • Cross-Channel Accelerates Conversions

    Business issue:

    A manufacturer of auto products targeted to consumers wanted to increase awareness of a promotion being run with a national retail chain.  Their challenge was finding the exact right consumers who will care about the product and be engaged by the promotion.



    Using 1st party deterministic data tied to a persons email address and 3rd party data derived from sources like Axiom and IHS we built a custom ConsumerConnect audience of vehicle owning consumers most likely to be interested in our client’s product.  We then mapped this custom audience to reach those within a 3 mile radius of the participating retail locations.



    Participation in the promotion far exceeded results from previous retail promotions.  On-going optimization of the targeting tactics accelerated consumer conversions.  Sales of the targeted product increased over 40% at targeted retail locations compared with non-participating stores.