Reaching the right audience isn't easy

Modern marketing is about delivering information people want. Anyone can target demographic segments. Reaching people who actually care about your products or services is another story.

  • Would you like to reach the people with an affinity for your competitor?
  • Is it better to identify the people researching your product category right now?
  • Of the over 300 million people and 20 million businesses in the U.S., who is most likely to actually buy whatever it is you sell?

MontAd Media, in partnership with some of the most cutting edge data compilers in the world, helps businesses make informed business decisions.  Audience ID uses advanced data mining tools, A.I., and custom data algorithms to build hand-crafted audiences.

Reaching the right

audience isn't easy

  • Access to over 91% of devices connected to the internet
  • Over 1.5 trillion web data points analyzed every month
  • A.I. and natural language used to understand search intent